Explore Europa – Leaflet Design and Contributing designs

I wanted the promotional and marketing to customers to have a look that was recognised

Ideally I would have wanted the packaging box to have had the design printed but due to printing issues I was not able to do so in time. However the box is spray painted with a gradient blue just as the designs below combined with a glittery spray all over so still keeping the trend of the design features.

So on the packaging box I would have clearly stuck the the thick bold font I used saying Explore Europa ~ space travels with the blue half moon logo.

I did also have wrist bands that I ordered weeks ago which would have had a similar print, but they did not get delivered in time as there were stock issues. Next time I would have tried to get more promotional packaging designs/merchandise to display for marketing/getting hopefully customers to purchase this tourism adventure.

Merchandise is always very successful with customers when it comes to promoting and selling since almost everyone loves free stuff and seeing an idea projected onto multiple objects sticks in people’s mind and makes them also curious.



I did my research on Europa, from a variety of sources and used the information to “sell” the place by using persuasive language to convince the customer to travel.

A leaflet are usually for advertising and should provide a good amount of information in a small amount of space that will make the audience understand what you’re selling, leaflets are mainly designed to persuade a reader which is why I used this format.

What I learnt that a leaflet should include-  It should have a clear bold heading that attracts the reader and make them want to continue reading on. Interesting designs that make the reader curious, layout is always important since no one would want to read something that is cluttered and barely visible. Visual design is also very important and the use of my simple logo design that is used on mupltiiple design shows consistency and link to my travel pack that people can recognise and remember.



FAIRY (1).png

I think the light gradient blue gives a really sharp glowing effect that puts together a simple design that communicates its message clearly and boldly with text. Printing didn’t show off the poster too well by not having a smooth gradient flow of the blue to black however that’s a small issue to sort for next time. 



Moon of Jupiter.png

2.pngThe back of the postcard is a simple background of one of my original designs.

Creating the Europa design


I used a free resource site called Freepik.com and got the iceberg images to use as part of the ice of Europa to create the design. The moon is a HD resolution picture of Europa  which I placed after arranging the ice in different positions, creating an overlay and testing other blending modes to then get this result. I think it worked out very well capturing the idea of a icy water world with a cracked surface from tidal waves.



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