NASA concept artists

How they visualise new worlds?

Exterior view // Don Davis

Don Davis was born October 21, 1952, he is a space artist known for his portrayals of space-related subjects. His work is characterised by attention to detail and authentic portrayals based on what is known of the subject.

Cutaway view, exposing the interior // Rick Guidice

Rick Guidice is a painter,illustrator,designer. He created several images on commission for the NASA.

This scene reminds me from Interstellar, when they have to create a new home for Earth population.

Image result for interstellar ending



Using the geometric , and scientific information to create the world that they know details about, depth of water etc, so they create what the world would look like based on all the facts to get the closest portrayal possible.

Art is a historical method to help people visualise life beyond.

They also made create animations to show the public how a certain travel process would happen to teach/educate others. An example is the the send off  to Mars rover, which is created by a large team alongside the concept artists who help vision the closest details to what the surroundings look life in real time.

Using this idea for my work, based on the research of Europa and knowing what the environments are like, temperature, life, this helps me create the style and features of an ice water world that I can create for making it all link and knowing my designs could be a close concept for what life is really like on Europa. 

Jupiter Ascending

Image result for jupiter ascending

Jupiter Ascending is a 2015 space opera film,the film is centred on Jupiter Jones, an ordinary cleaning woman, and Caine Wise an interplanetary warrior who informs Jones that her destiny extends beyond Earth. The films designs has been described as an original take on the look of space environments, while Glass mentioned it was influenced by cities around Europe rather than science fiction touchstones. Examples include Renaissance architecture, modern glass and Gothic art.

Image result for jupiter ascending

The visual setting relates tp my work as you view Jupiter from various perspective and  this scene here is watching Jupiter rise from the shallow waters. In Europa, one side you would always see Jupiter, orbiting near you which would be a beautiful view and I find this scene very capturing, the shadows and soft glow bring it all together making you feel calm and creates a mesmerising touch which is what I would also like to portray in my art,

illuminated water scene, which is edited


No Mans sky

The art of No mans sky has a innovative stylised scenes that bring science fiction to life.

I like to loook at concept ideas that are very different from realism just to see from another creative view,
Image result for no man's sky artist

Image result for no man's sky artist

Film Promotion

  • Trailers are a mainstay of film promotion, because they are delivered directly to movie-goers. They screen in theatres before movie showings. Generally they tell the story of the movie in a highly condensed fashion compressing maximum appeal into two and half minutes.
  • Film posters
  • Slideshows – stills, trivia, and trivia games from the film, shown between movie showtimes.
  • Standees (freestanding paperboard life-size images of figures from the film)
  • Cardboard 3D displays, sometimes producing sound


  • Paid advertisement in newspapers, magazines, and inserts in books.
  • Cross-promotion of original book or novelisation, including special printings, or new cover jackets (“Now a major motion picture.”)
  • Comic special editions or special episodes


Photo manipulation

Photo manipulation involves transforming or altering a photograph using various methods and techniques to achieve desired results. Depending on the application and intent, some photo manipulations are considered an art form because it involves the creation of unique images and in some instances

-Important techniques




Stock images

Colour blending


Combination of images


  • artists I found online that inspired me with their work

he is a 25year old graphic designer from Melbourned who also creates photo manipluation


Chris is only 19years old and creates amazing digitral art using phtooshop.


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