Changing proposal and Treatment

I had to reassess my brief and make some changes

I will be working individually to create an interactive art form, by creating a space travel pack, which will basically be a packaging box that will include a travellers guide for the world of Europa, the moon of Jupiter. It will include photography of the scenery so people know what to expect, which will be created from scratch by myself with photo manipulation techniques and editing skills to create a more professional outcome of concept designs. I will have a poster to communicate the message that I want people to explore this world. A leaflet provided with in depth information about the area, how everything will work, what they should expect and see, persuading the public to visit.

My target audience is mainly focused towards older couples, travellers and parents as they would be sorting out a holiday for the family. My product would be available for everyone which is new since you never thought space travel would be so soon since it’s very costly. The information is useful to create understanding and allow those wanting to explore something widely new and something that no one has ever done, yet.

I will also create a short show reel to show the work in greater quality and present my designs to the public including the processes to show my development.

Tools used such as marquee, masking, clone stamp, blending modes, adjustments layers, layer masks.

Making interactive media for my project – by 

 Interactive advertising uses online or offline interactive media to communicate with consumers and to promote products, brands, services

Interactive art is a form of art that involves the spectator in a way that allows the art to achieve its purpose. Some interactive art installations achieve this by letting the observer or visitor “walk” in, on, and around them; some others ask the artist or the spectators to become part of the artwork

Digital interactive media including combinations
of electronic text, graphics, moving images, and sound, into a structured digital computerized environment that allows people to interact with the data for appropriate purposes

I will choose one place eg like Mars(preparing to go there),  or an exoplanet discovered by Nasa, design for NASA to present to public, a poster to travel there, a small travel brochure? on the place/with some designs/drawings on it to explain it better and maybe a short animated intro- like a space view zooming

research pcoming travel to space

in the pack include why u should go there- sell  it

coming soon etc

  • The different places

Creating a travel pack for the public, travelling to Europa Moon(Jupiter)- now is capable to hold life, invitation/inspire to go

design front of package using the poster art

– Space tourism to a chosen place to draw and give some information for NASA

  •   Create a poster art, At least 1x  to be displayed (advertise)

Inside will have

  • Pieces of photo manipulated work of the place so you get a preview of the place(in the planet-concepts) 2x – ExampleImage result for photo manipulation space
  • Small brochure with designs/drawings inside = example, It could also have a digital  version which can have some areas of animated movements to help make it more interactive and you get information on the planet

Image result for space travel brochure



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